Telstra Shares Cost Base for Capital Gains

Telstra 1 Shares Are you selling your Telstra 1 Shares that you bought in 1997? The original instalment was $1.95 on the 3/11/1997. The second instalment of $1.35 was on the 13/11/1998. The total purchase price being $3.30 bought on the 3/11/1997. Telstra 2 Shares Are you selling your TelstraRead More →

Superannuation Co-contribution

Superannuation Co-contribution One of the most suggested Government’s incentives I make to my clients is the Superannuation co-contribution. If you are earning less than $36,021 (at least 10% from employment income) and pay up to $1,000 into your superannuation as a voluntary contribution the government will pay 50 cents forRead More →

3 reasons to buy a rental property

Rental properties are a popular investment for many people. Below are 3 main reasons why owning property is a major investment choice. Tax Incentives Rental properties are a common investment for Australian Taxpayers, one of the main reasons why they are so popular is the tax deduction received for the net losses from theRead More →