Telstra Shares Cost Base for Capital Gains

Telstra 1 Shares Are you selling your Telstra 1 Shares that you bought in 1997? The original instalment was $1.95 on the 3/11/1997. The second instalment of $1.35 was on the 13/11/1998. The total purchase price being $3.30 bought on the 3/11/1997. Telstra 2 Shares Are you selling your TelstraRead More →

I have had clients on several occasions ask me what happens when they buy a property for an adult child and then some years later when the child is more able to borrow money and the value of the property has increased, buys the property off the parent at theRead More →

Below are some relevant dates for capital gains tax calculations 20th September 1985, ย that’s the day it started, was a Friday…. what a great start to a weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ 11.45 am 21st September 1999 (eastern standard time)ย is when the Discount Method for calculating the capital gain was introduced. The contractRead More →

You have some shares that were from the demutualisation of an insurance company. I have compiled a list of shares that I frequently get asked what the original cost of the share was. Below is a list of those shares:- Company Date Cost Base National Mutual/AXA 7/11/96 $1.17 Colonial MutualRead More →