HELP repayment thresholds and rates 2011-12 2011-12 HELP repayment income (HRI*) Repayment rate Below $47,196 Nil $47,196-$52,572 4% of HRI $52,573-$57,947 4.5% of HRI $57,948-$60,993 5% of HRI $60,994-$65,563 5.5% of HRI $65,564-$71,006 6% of HRI $71,007-$74,743 6.5% of HRI $74,744-$82,253 7% of HRI $82,254-$87,649 7.5% of HRI $87,650 andRead More →

I recently Googled to see what was out there on the subject, and was shocked at what I found. There seemed to be a lot of information, but many of the facts are so often lost in the stories told.
Lets dispell a myth first: there is no dollar threshold that constitutes being in business as an artist.
So how do you determine that you are conducting a business? The following indicators must be considered when determining whether you are carrying on a business; Whether the activity has a significant commercial purpose or character; this indicator comprises many aspects of the other indicators;Read More →