E-Record Version 6.2 free download

*Please be aware that this software has not been supported by the Australian Taxation Office since June 2010. There could be circumstances where it may not work on your operating system and computer.

If a change of software is what you are looking for, please look at my easy to use GST Spreadsheet

The ATO provided free software to taxpayers so they could complete their GST record keeping requirements. The software E-Record version 6.2 was the final version and was discontinued by the ATO  from July 2010.

Many business owners have lost their copy of e-Record for various reason, one of the reasons could have been by the upgrading their computers and have not been able to download a current copy from the ATO.

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As the software is no longer supported by the ATO, If you have any tips that you think may help fellow e-Record users, please add in the comments below.