*Please be aware that this software has not been supported by the Australian Taxation Office since June 2010. There could be circumstances where it may not work on your operating system and computer.

If a change of software is what you are looking for, please look at my easy to use GST Spreadsheet

The ATO provided free software to taxpayers so they could complete their GST record keeping requirements. The software E-Record version 6.2 was the final version and was discontinued by the ATO  from July 2010.

Many business owners have lost their copy of e-Record for various reason, one of the reasons could have been by the upgrading their computers and have not been able to download a current copy from the ATO.

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As the software is no longer supported by the ATO, If you have any tips that you think may help fellow e-Record users, please add in the comments below.


  1. If this e-records Version 6.2 works im gonna be stoked

    cheers Mick


  3. I’ve been using e-Record Cashbook for my small business since the Mac version became available. Although the ATO no longer support e-Record, I’ve continued to use it without any problems but am unable to upgrade my current Mac operating system from ‘Snow Leopard’ to ‘Mountain Lion’ because e-Record version 5.2 is not compatible with Mountain Lion. The other day I was googling for a simple online cashbook and found HIghland Accounting Servcies offering e-Record 6.2. My basic question is “If I was to upgrade my e-Record v5.2 to version 6.2, could I also upgrade my Mac Operating system to Mountain Lion and be absolutely sure I could still use e-Record for my cashbook?” Thanks, Ron Ehrke

    1. Ron, I had a query a while ago in regards to e-record and the current version of the Mac operating system and that same conflict with 5.2 happens with 6.2. It is now over 4 years ago since the ATO stopped supporting e-record and so the updates in both the Mac and Windows operating systems are making the program redundant.
      A user passed on to me that Windows 8 also has a problem with e-record 6.2

  4. has anyone been able to get pass the problem with windows 8… ie I cant save the program after business details have been entered… help help..!!

  5. I’ve been trying to find out if E-Record works on Windows 8 as my Windows 7 PC is showing signs of giving up the ghost.
    Here’s a solution that was written for not being able to save a new business in Windows 7 or Vista. I hope this helps. I’m hoping it’ll work for Windows 8 as I’m very reluctant to learn a new bookkeeping program.

    It turns out that this is a known issue from Vista onwards, and is related to a permissions problem. The fix is to replace all permissions of a folder object which allows full control to your user account.
    To begin, let’s exit out of e-Record, and go to the Computer file system, and into C:\. There’ll be a folder named Informed.

    If we right click on that folder, click on Properties, and go to the Security tab, we can see a list of security settings that have been applied to that folder. Click on the Advanced button, and then Edit (if Vista) and or Change Permissions (if Windows 7)

    Untick the check box named Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent, and when prompted to either add or remove the parent permissions, choose Remove.

    Then, click the Add button to give it some custom permissions settings. If you know your computer account’s username, you can type it in and click OK. Otherwise, click Advanced then in the new windows, click Find Now. Afterwards, find and select your username in the list (the icon should be a single person) and then click OK, then OK again.

    In the next window, we want to tick the Allow checkbox for the Full control permission. All the other check boxes below it will automatically be checked as well. Click OK to finish adding that permission, and then OK again to accept and apply those permissions to the object. At this stage, there should only be one permission entry for that folder.

    Now, start up e-Record and try to add a new business again. If you didn’t close e-Record before, be sure to restart it before retrying.
    Why does this work?
    I have no idea. My assumption was that since my user account was a member of the Administrators group, and that the Administrators group had full control of this folder, it’d be the same. I’ve even checked the effective permissions for my user account on that folder object. It’s the same set (full control).
    So why does it work when I removed all other permissions and replacing it with a full control for my user account only? I simply can’t explain.

    1. Thank you Steve for taking the time to explain on how the get e-Record working on Windows 8.

    2. Thank you so much for your step by step guide – I’ve now got mine working

  6. Can someone help? When I launch the 2013-14 year to work on, it says the cashbook has been created before but cannot be found. I tried to make a new cashbook, to no avail. Does anyone know how to create a new cashbook when E-record keeps insisting there’s one but it doesn’t exist? There were no backups to restore to; I think it is a glitch with the program. In the meantime I had to download a new instance of E-record and start a new business code and categories from scratch….

    1. Hello Dianne,
      Did you find a solution to this problem as I am now having the same problem creating a new year record for the new financial year 2015-16.


      1. Downloaded e Record to my laptop and produced a company of the same name for the current year (2015 2016),(pretty simple). Backed up the year data in this version(2015 2016)to a usb stick.
        Backed up the year data of my eRecord program on my desktop (the one missing the cashbook 2015 2016) on another usb stick. Opened both backup files and clicked on 2016 folders.(Must open 2016 folders.) Found the desktop one missing the cashbook file and dragged and dropped it from the new backup. Restored my desktop version eRecord from the usb stick with the cashbook added and all was good. John
        p.s. It can probably be done other ways but I can equate to the mechanics of this method. NOTE:the desktop backup has all the other previous years data there too so the restore must come from that file with the 2016 folder having the added cashbook file. When the backup files are first opened you will see a cashbook file. This is for the previous years. The 2016 folder at the top of the list is the one to open and work with.

        1. Note:I did not add any data to the new company, just created worksheets in the initial opening of the files and then backed up the year data. All I needed was new cashbook worksheets.

  7. Need help ! Been using e record on windows 7, computer died, so got techs to transfer data onto new computer which is windows 8, but I cant look at my old data, when I try to open it, I get a message saying I need to open worksheet index to access but it wont let me ! I have installed e record 6.2 and this is working fine, so I cant work out why I cant look at my other files

  8. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks so much for keeping e-Record going.
    I have used this system for my small business since it was first released by the ATO. Recently it became currupted somehow and was un-usable.
    What a bonus to be able to download it again ….I will have to re-enter the info but luckily I have it all printer out up to the end of December.
    Thanks again for the great service
    Kind regards,

  9. Hi
    I had a computer crash and cannot access my Erecord for my wages can you please help?
    Much Appreciated

  10. Hi,I have been using erecord 6.2 for 3years to do BAS statements, great tool and easy to use. Now it wont work anymore each time i open it I get an error message “AN ERROR CAUSED THE OPERATION TO FAIL.[-120,0] I have tried re-installing and even installe on my laptop with the same problem.
    Has any one had this issue before?
    Much appreciated for any ideas from other users
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      Did you find a solution? having the same issue…

  11. Just downloaded your program but for some reason won’t install says not a valid WIN32 program? Any ideas?

  12. e wreckord won’t let me open the cashbook – gives 2 messages (depending on its mood) >>> operation failed as you are low on memory [108,0] line 15 of ‘EVENT’_opencashbook< this presumably a dig at my advanced years AND the selected doc cannot be opened, it may be in use – shall I try to open it anyway (subtext: are you willing to waste your remaining few years staring at this message)? Anyone know of a program that can access .ifm files?

  13. just downloaded erecord on win7 64bit and the program dose not want to open, does anyone know if its compatable with 64bit?

  14. I downloaded eRecord v6 for mac and it will not install because it says that powerPC applications are no longer supported

    1. Author

      Please keep in mind that e-Record V6 has not been supported by the ATO since June 2010, so any future changes in operating systems would not have been catered for.

    2. I am having the same issue… it states there is no known application to support the download. Is there a solution for this at all?

  15. Hi Guys
    Am a small business operator and have been using erecord 6 for ever it seems and has been great until today. Opened it up to put in data and the screen just scrolls over and over. No other programmes affected and my anti virus tells me there is no virus. and run a cleaner just in case.
    I backed it up a few days ago to an external hard drive . So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again from your email download application.
    Guess what it is doing the same with that too.
    I am no nerd just a tradie who has lost 9 months of erecord info >>>> is there anybody that can help or had the same problem. I am running Windows 10

  16. I have downloaded it but I can’t find my previous years and I can’t get back into it to input any new data. help!!

  17. can someone tell me how to change new tax year on erecord please.

  18. hi how do you print profit and loss and balance sheets from e record 6 thanks

  19. I cannot get e-record 6.2 to work.

    1. Author

      Kevin, If you are using windows 10 or the current Apple operating system there is a very good chance that the software will not work.

  20. We have eRecords on an old laptop and have just purchased a new one. I have been having trouble in trying to backup the files onto a hard drive, so have downloaded eRecords again but now I am not able to open the link on my desktop

  21. Hope this works, as my old version is playing up.

  22. My old iMac died and now have a MacBook Air with High Sierra OS and cannot seem to download V6.2 for Mac completely. Is there a workaround or is it just not compatable?

    1. Author

      Unfortunately, I can’t suggest a workaround, the software in nearly 20 years old so compatibility will be an issue. I think a user has posted a comment for a Win 10 fix, but not for Apple.

  23. Two years ago I gratefully used your help to r-install e-record after I lost all my documents in a blackmail lock-up scam. I successfully used it last year, and had 9 months of data entered for this 2017-18 financial year. Unfortunately, I recently had a problem with my Wi-Fi/internet connection, and needed my technician to fix that. In so doing, when I went to enter some data on my e-record, I found that I couldn’t access it. There was a message saying “Before you can access the worksheets, you will first have to click “Add business, and complete details.” When I click “add business” I am told to complete the details of the current business before proceeding”. It just goes round in circles, and I can’t access my current material in the current businesses. Has anone else solved this problem before me?

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