You can claim a fuel tax credit if your vehicle is used on public roads for carrying on a business and has Gross Vehicle Mass greater than 4.5 tonne.

The rebate can be used for both petrol and diesel figures,  but a diesel vehicle needs to meet one of the following environmental criteria

To meet the environmental criteria you only need to answer ‘yes’ to any one of the following questions about your diesel vehicle:

  • Do you service your vehicle in line with a maintenance schedule endorsed by the Transport Secretary?
  • Have you registered your vehicle in an audited maintenance program accredited by the Transport Secretary?
  • Has your vehicle passed the ‘DT80’ test (that is, the Australian Transport Council’s in-service emission standard for diesel vehicles)?
  • Is your vehicle retrofitted with an engine manufactured after 1 January 1996 which meets the Australian emissions standards applying after that date?

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