As you may be aware, Monday 20th April the ATO is accepting applications for the Jobkeeper program.

As this will be the first time I have had to apply for the program for my clients it is a learning curve for me too, please be patient as I work out the intricacies.

To be eligible:

  • you need to have at least 1 employee on the 1st March
  • 30% decrease in turnover for March 2020 or an expected 30% decrease in turnover for April 2020 or the April May June quarter.
  • On March 1st 2020 you were carrying on a business in Australia.

Employees to be eligible they must be:

  • employed by you
  • permanent full time or part-time
  • long term casual, greater than 12 months
  • older than 16 on March 1st
  • Australian resident, permanent or Protected Special Category visa holder or 444 visa holder
  • not receiving Dad and partner pay or workers compensation.
  • agreed to be nominated by you after filling out the attached form (this form is to be kept by you and not sent to the ATO)

You can not claim for employees who:

  • employed after 1st March 2020
  • left your employment before 1st March 2020
  • or have nominated with another employer.

You will only be paid a JobKeeper payment for employees from the fortnight they were re-engaged. You cannot claim retrospectively for employees you re-engage. 

You cannot claim for a period that the employee wasn’t working for you.

For the clients that aren’t on Single Touch Payroll (STP), this will need to organised as it is part of the process, even though in some cases it wasn’t necessary to do so.

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