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The spreadsheet is designed to be simple to use and easy to negotiate, a must for any small business.

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Simple GST Spreadsheet

Major software companies charge hundreds of dollars for their complicated accounting systems, which in most cases are way beyond the needs of most small businesses.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple cheap alternative to the major accounting software companies? I believe this spreadsheet at a mere $16.50 (Inc GST) is a great alternative.

This GST Spreadsheet, which has been downloaded by over 100 small businesses is designed for their operating needs, it helps to keep track of the GST collected and paid for each quarter as well as income and expenses for the end of year tax return.

Below, there are 3 screen shots showing the income and expenses and the totals page showing the quarterly and annual balances.


The spreadsheet is designed to be simple to use and easy to negotiate. It has 12 monthly tabs and a totals page. As the information is entered month by month and the totals page is automatically updated.

GST Spreadsheet Totals Page

To enter the income, enter the date, the total amount received and whether GST applies to the transaction. If the business is GST registered then in most cases GST will apply to all income. The GST and Sales columns are automatically calculated by the spreadsheet.

GST Spreadsheet Income



To enter the expense the date and description need to be filled and the total amount of payment entered. (14th March 2011, Fuel for Car, $55.00) . Enter the business percentage of the transaction. If the fore mentioned fuel is for a vehicle that is 100% for business then the business percentage is 100%. Should the vehicle be used for personal use then the applicable percentage should be used.

The GST and the amount to allocate will be calculated automatically. The figure in the amount to allocate will need to be allocated to one of the expenses in the yellow highlighted columns. There is a checksum at the end of the spreadsheet that looks at the “amount to allocate” and the “yellow highlighted columns” and if they are equal the checksum will display a “Y” otherwise it will display a “N” and the amounts entered in the “yellow highlighted columns” will need to be checked.

GST Spreadsheet Expenses

Once all the data has been entered for the quarter then it is a matter of going to the totals page and transferring the quarters totals to the Business Activity Statement.

Should you need to change the expense column description or the title of the page, this can be done by changing the description on the totals page. The changes are then applied to each month.

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Payment can be made by PayPal, please click the “buy now” button and follow the link to PayPal and make sure you return to this website to complete the transaction and receive the spreadsheet.

Also, if you want to pay via credit card or direct deposit, email me and I can organise payment and forward the GST Spreadsheet.

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*Please Note – The spreadsheet has been locked to avoid any accidental changes to the formulas contained in it, please do not request the unlock code as I will not pass it on.