Working in Remote Areas?

The Zone Tax Offset is currently (May 2015) available to people who live or worked in remote areas (not necessarily continuously) for more than 183 days in the current financial year or if the taxpayer did not claim the zone rebate in the previous year, 183 days over 2 years.

In the May 2015 Federal Budget the following announcement was made.

In this Budget, we are amending the Zone Tax Offset so that it is only available to those who have genuinely moved to specified remote areas, saving $325 million.

Who Lose the Offset?

What this means, if the taxpayer is not permanently living in the actual Zone then the tax offset will not apply for them.

This will affect workers who travel to the zones for work, or who through their work travel through the zones.

The rebate for the most remote zone is $1173, the changes are expected to start from the 1st July 2015.

So if you are one of the affected taxpayers, the lodging of the 2014 – 2015 tax return may be the last opportunity to claim the Zone Tax Offset.



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