Telstra Shares Cost Base for Capital Gains

Telstra 1 Shares

Are you selling your Telstra 1 Shares that you bought in 1997?

The original instalment was $1.95 on the 3/11/1997.

The second instalment of $1.35 was on the 13/11/1998.

The total purchase price being $3.30 bought on the 3/11/1997.

Telstra 2 Shares

Are you selling your Telstra 2 Shares that you bought in the 2nd offer in October 1999?

The original installment for public applicants was $4.50 on the 15/10/1999.

The second and final installment of $2.90 was on the 2/11/2000.

The total purchase price being $7.40 for the two installments being bought on the 15/10/1999.

Telstra 3 Shares

The Telstra T3 consisted of an initial payment of $2.00 per share, with shares allotted on 24th Nov 2006, followed by a final instalment payment of $1.60 per share by 29th May 2008. On 10th June 2008, shareholders are issued with ordinary Telstra Shares (TLS).

In addition, eligible shareholders who have held their instalment receipts since issue, are issued a bonus share for every 25 they hold.

Because of the bonus shares, the purchase price of each share is reduced to $3.46 per share, the calculation on 1,000 shares plus the 40 bonus shares would be, $3,600 / 1040 shares = $3.46 per share.

Prepayments of the final installment were available on the Telstra 3 shares, if prepayments were made then the final installment was discounted to $1.30 per share, the bonus share was still issued. So based on the 1,000 shares in the first example, the cost base will be $3.17 per share, $3,300 /1040 shares = $3.17 per share.


  1. I received a letter and application form from National Capital Corporation Pty Ltd (NCC)in Loganholme, QLD offering to buy my existing TESLTRA 2 shares (600 for $1902).

    Can you please advise whether this is a Bona Fide company you are familiar with and whether it is safe to proceed with this transaction? Their offer closes 10 Jan 2011.
    Yours sincerely
    Silvio Rivier

  2. I am trying to locate my shares. Can you help.
    With thanks
    V McCutcheon

    1. Sorry unable to help, most companies have a contact in regard to their share registry. If you know what shares you own you will then be able to contact the appropriate company and change you details.

  3. Where would I be able to get a copy of my
    final payment for first installment form for T2 shares that I have sold, I have the final payment notice for the final instalment. I have contacted Link market services they can’t help as they have no information copy of paper work on the first instalment payment of $4.50

  4. Hi how can I check how much my shares are worth


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